Fruits of anger

I’ve had enough of anger. Violence and aggression. Others’, mostly, some mine too. I’ve changed newspapers, switched off news channels… nothing seems to work. Somehow, through some silent crevice, some crack somewhere, anger seeps in. Perhaps because I get suckered into watching an ‘award-winning’ film where somebody’s killed every two seconds. Perhaps because I can’t navigate away fast enough from a channel that is showing a mob lynching a hapless ‘thief’. Perhaps because I can’t look away when an angry driver brushes past my car and gesticulates obscenely.

Fruits of anger fill my heart, make it weary. Today I will let things be. Close my doors, switch off, opt out. Perhaps I can find a way. Transform my heart. Unburden it of its bitter harvest. Uncover its pristine original state. Develop fierce compassion. Perhaps then, I could let the world in. Love the mob and the thief, the beauty and the beastliness. 

 Until then, let me be…   


6 thoughts on “Fruits of anger

  1. I hear you, spiritwoman, I hear you. Violence. We are innundated. Saturated. Physical violence. Sexual violence. Violence of mind, mouth, and spirit. Sometimes we just need to retire to our cocoon to renew, transform, heal, and rejuvenate.

  2. anger… it’s been such a part of my existance for so long, starting with my mom and dad….continuing on in my own life, then through my chosen relationships with men, politics, etc.

    I am finally feeling free of real anger now. And like you, turning it all off around me has helped. Even now, if I visit someone’s blog that seems to be angry or resentful or ‘ranting’ – no matter how ‘good’ the cause might be – I change the channel quickly. I’m trying to protect my space right now, if you know what I mean. I’ve even changed the music I listen to.

    One thing I’ve come to realize – anger is an outward ‘fruit’ of some sort of emotional pain.

    Get to the root of the pain, dig it up, and no more ‘fruit’….or very little of it. Some anger is not a bad thing, I think – it helps us to realize when an injustice has taken place.

    But overall? I’m with you and Mother Wintermoon – let’s just do our best to keep under the radar. That way we can bring some balance to the energy, perhaps.

    Namaste, Spiritwoman. Great writing!

  3. Glad to know I am not alone in anger. While you opt out, let things be… remember to breathe deep and appreciate the fact that you know how to take care of yourself :).

  4. Emotions form a part of us, humans that we are. Struggle against it is the right tendency, as you seem to be doing too. And ‘and until then let me be’ is the best solution for the present. i loved this write up of yours. Things are perfectly in place, there’s nothing to worry

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