If god were a taste…

Gold and green

sweet and sharp

wilful, aromatic

what is that?


Cooked or crushed

what flavours

chutneys, pickles and sweets

of which fruit

do I speak?


Whose tart taste

spiced childhood dreams

whose tang

lives in tastebuds

and in memories

that itch

under skin?


What is revered with

a million names

what nourishes souls

unravels conundrums

gives it all?

No, not god…



5 thoughts on “If god were a taste…

  1. Hiya,
    😀 (The torture continues).

    When we were young…
    at this time of the year
    we would take the semi ripe mangoes
    and lightly crush the flesh in a mortar
    with a few drops of mustard oil (if lucky)
    add salt and chilly powder and tiny bit of sugar.
    Few moments of heaven on earth.
    It all had to be done without any of the family elders knowing.

    I liked your previous style of putting pictures to go with your writing.

  2. Liked your ode to the mango, little indian! Its again one of those experiences that is so quintessentially Indian. Hope the Americans enjoy and respect our mangoes as much as we do!

  3. Ode?
    Your original post
    brought back memories.
    and I was just reminiscing on the keyboard.
    I sincerely apologise if it seems I am competing. 😦

    The Americans
    will eat mangoes
    like another fruit,
    part of a healthy diet

    enjoy? may do;
    respect?? No. That, only an Indian can.

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