Fit for gods

Two tomatoes, two potatoes, finely chopped. An onion too? Why not.

A little oil, warmed. Some cumin seeds. Let them sputter.

One whole red chilly. Fried until you can’t breathe without coughing from its hot vapours.

Then, a flurry. Onions browned, potatoes, tomatoes, rice, dal — everything dunked in together.

In ten minutes, there is a meal.

Hot, nourishing. We slurp it up with cold curd. And marvel at our good fortune.

Look, we say, what a feast. And I thought cooking was difficult, I laugh.

No, that’s just a myth. Perpetuated by perfectionist mothers. And nitpicking grandmothers.

We laugh some more. Sated with khichdi — humblest of meals.

No, we say, food fit for the gods… 


3 thoughts on “Fit for gods

  1. Hi little indian,

    Sorry for the torture — it was inadvertent. Where do you live? I’m sure you get fresh veggies there too, and khichdi, well, I think it could be made anywhere?

  2. I was just kidding. 🙂
    I did add a smiley but
    I presume you do not allow html in your comments.

    Supermarket vegetables here,
    they are nowhere like the fresh indian veggies,
    they do not have the same crispy freshness nor the real taste.

    Or any indian dishes for that matter,
    is not the same, yes easy to put everything in a pan,
    but still miss the smell that only lingers in an indian kitchen,
    the noise of ‘homely’ chatter and laughter around the table
    as time goes on, one starts to miss these little things.

    I may not be making sense, but thats how it feels sometimes.
    Its great reading your blogs, I am not complaing.

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