Poet tree

In the ugliness

of concrete and tar

of greed and lies

of unforgiving city life

stands this silent

yogi of a tree.

It blossoms

in peak summer

in harshest weather

soaking in

punishing heat


cool, yellow shade.

Its blossoms’ brightness

fades every day

deepens every night.

And when

a gust of cool wind

loses its way

and blows into my room

the yogi tree

sends along

some leaves

some blossoms

— its own inspired poetry ….


One thought on “Poet tree

  1. Hi,

    Nice one. I guess we need to learn how to meet the different situations in life from this peom.

    I have posted a motivational thought in my blog, you might be interested to read:>
    Prayers for a Perfect Day

    Ramesh Natarajan

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