New Beginnings

A new blog, a new beginning.

New amaltas blossoms, bright yellow

Fading quickly in the May sun

I’ve heard,

in some places

on earth

summer is actually beautiful

not ruthful, or vengeful

not searing, or harsh-tongued

Is it true?

I have never seen it…

It seems odd to begin things in this heat. But so it is. A new beginning without reason, but with meaning. Something to live by in unforgiving circumstances. A quiet pool of beauty to immerse oneself in, on days when the hot dust-laden winds howl at my window and time dissolves into one eternal sweat-soaked moment.

Yes, some of us in the Third World have no air-conditioning. Just fans, and rabid moral policing. And yes, we used to have mangoes too to make these summers tolerable. Until this year when the Americans bought them all up.

Love to all, anyway…


7 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Hi, I just wanted to say, welcome.

    I found your blog
    on one of my aimless wanderings.

    I too started blogging only recently
    and have had a good share of the disappointments
    and delights.

  2. Welcome! Thank you for your encouraging words. Your writing is so graceful, I will enjoy stopping by from time to time to read what you write. Where are you from?

  3. Thanks, Fiona! Thanks for your encouraging comment. I’m from India, and live in New Delhi. Look forward to more of your writing too!

  4. Hi little indian,

    Thanks for visiting my website. Well, I am nothing as much as what you make me out to be. Just a person trying to communicate through writing… Aren’t we all?

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